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Episode 25: Emotions, Faith, and Boston

Release Date April 22, 2013


Last Monday many of us were overwhelmed by strong emotions as we heard the news about bombs going off at the Boston Marathon. How should we think about our emotions, especially in the face of horrific tragedy? How should our faith inform us in difficult times? In this episode, Melinda talks with Dr. Gerald Peterman about the emotional life of the Christian, and about a theology of suffering.

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Gerald Peterman

Dr. Gerald Peterman
Gerald Peterman is professor of New Testament studies and chair of the Bible department at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. Dr. Peterman has contributed to The Moody Handbook of Preaching, Proclaiming Jesus, and The Moody Bible Commentary. He has also published six essays in various journals and bulletins.


Melinda Schmidt

Melinda Schmidt
Melinda is a visionary who appreciates observing how the complexities of culture and faith influence one another. Her core words are freedom, orderliness, twirling, beauty and seed-planting ideas. For her, life is good when she is free to muse, express and—frankly—eat pizza or her homemade blueberry pie.

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