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April 2014
April 20, 2014

For many Christians, Gethsemane is a brief rest stop on the way to the main story—the cross. But there are critical questions that demand explanation, which are revealed through interviews and sounds from Israel, combined with dramatic vignettes and original music score to paint a dramatic Easter landscape. Secrets from the Garden

March 2014
March 17, 2014

The public debate and media frenzy places an unprecedented spotlight on knowing and doing God's will. Can we really believe that God speaks to people today? In this daily, two-minute feature, bestselling and Christy Award-winning novelist Davis Bunn discusses with author and radio host Melinda Schmidt the methods people can prepare through Bible study, prayer and Christian community to pursue active listening for the still small voice of God. The Turning

Featured: Davis Bunn
Host: Melinda Schmidt

February 2014
February 14, 2014

The same crazy crew that brought you December Live! now grabs Cupid's bow and arrow, aiming at Valentine's Day! It's an hour of heart-touching stories, hilarious comedy, and music that takes us to the ultimate meaning of love. Valentine's Live!

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