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Past Programs

October 2014
October 29, 2014

A new study has been done about the beliefs of American Evangelicals. Ligonier Ministries' Stephen Nichols and Chris Larson talk about the level of theological confusion about salvation, heaven, hell and the Trinity. Then, the life and music of Bobbie Wolgemuth. Bobbie passed away Tuesday morning and you’ll hear her encouraging words and songs. Theological Confusion // The Life of Bobbie Wolgemuth

Featured: Chris Larson, Stephen Nichols, Bobbie Wolgemuth
Host: Chris Fabry

October 28, 2014

October 28, 2009, Phil and Bill were on Chris Fabry Live! Phil discovered some sad news about a professor he’d had and he felt like God was calling him to make a sacrifice. Tuesday, Phil and Dr. Bill return to tell the rest of the story. Then, Michael Card is back for a conversation about the Gospel of John. Don’t miss Tuesday’s program. A Five-Year Anniversary // The Gospel

Featured: Phil Hoover, Bill George, Michael Card
Host: Chris Fabry

October 27, 2014

Pastor Jim Cymbala believes American Christians are in the middle of a powerful storm and the intensity is only going to increase. He believes Jesus is speaking to His followers through this storm. Talk with him on Monday. Then, can the most difficult holiday of the year for Christians be turned into something good in your neighborhood? Don’t miss the conversations. Storm // Good Out of Halloween

Featured: Jim Cymbala, Glen Elliott
Host: Chris Fabry

October 24, 2014

How does a young woman find her voice? How does a young Christian woman find her place in the evangelical subculture today? Dr. Rosalie de Rosset is back—author of Unseduced and Unshaken: the place of dignity in a young woman’s choices. Then, a no-holds barred conversation with the undisputed queen of Christian talk radio, Janet Parshall! Finding Your Voice // A Conversation with Janet Parshall

Featured: Rosalie de Rosset, Janet Parshall
Host: Chris Fabry

October 23, 2014

Straight from America’s Got Talent, it’s the Willis Clan. They’re a talented, amazing group of musicians—from the same family. Hear some live music from the Willis Clan. Then, you’ve heard her song, “Blessings.” You’ve heard the heartcry of a young mom whose husband has struggled with a health problem. Join us for a pre-recorded conversation with Laura as she sits down at the piano, sings some songs and shares her heart. The Willis Clan // A Studio Conversation with Laura Story

Featured: The Willis Clan, Laura Story
Host: Chris Fabry

October 22, 2014

Are you exhausted? Overwhelmed? Overscheduled? Listen to Bill Hybels on Wednesday. He has one word for you: simplify. If you live life at breakneck speed and you’re consumed by everyone else’s agenda, simplify. This is an important and practical program—and in our second hour, hear the questioned asked to Pastor Bill Hybels. Simplify: The Principles // Simplify: Q & A

Featured: Bill Hybels
Host: Chris Fabry

October 21, 2014

Our correspondent to the pastorate Dr. John Koessler joins us for an open forum broadcast. If you’re a pastor and you’re struggling with something in your congregation—of if you’re in the pew and have an issue—let’s talk about it. Then, we hear how secrets that you keep have affected your marriage, for good or ill. Author and speaker Dr. Juli Slattery joins us. Don’t miss the conversation! Encouraging Your Pastor // The Secrets We Keep

Featured: John Koessler, Juli Slattery
Host: Chris Fabry

October 20, 2014

Attorney David Gibbs gives us an update on a couple cases involving homosexuality, one in Houston involving pastors being subpoenaed for their sermons and one in Idaho saying churches must marry same-sex couples. And, Chris' oldest daughter was learning to read. And suddenly the light came on and she laughed when she said the word. Somehow, somewhere the light came on for you. We hear your stories. And then we tackle the topic of discerning God’s will. Dr. Bill Thrasher joins us from Moody Theological Seminary. Court Case Updates / When the Light Goes On // Discerning God's Will

Featured: David Gibbs, Bill Thrasher
Host: Chris Fabry

October 17, 2014

More guests from Moody Bible Institute’s Missions Conference join us Friday. David Michael and Lucy-Jane talk about hip hop and dance as a way to reach people in a relatively closed area of the world. Then, what would you do if someone with the Ebola virus was connected with your congregation? Pastor George Mason of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas faced this. Eric Duncan, the man from Liberia who recently died from Ebola, was engaged to a woman in Pastor Mason’s congregation. She and her family were then quarantined. Don’t miss the discussion. Living Your Calling // When Ebola Comes to Church

Featured: David Michael and Lucy-Jayne, George Mason, Diane Komp
Host: Chris Fabry

October 16, 2014

He was born into a nominally Orthodox Jewish family and explored a lot of different religions. Dr. Mitch Glaser joins us to talk about Jewish evangelism. Then, children abducted in Central and East Africa and forced to fight in rebel armies. If they escape, they’re left with deep and lasting emotional scars. Hear from a man who provides hope for the child soldiers. Jewish Ministry // Empowering Children of War

Featured: Mitch Glaser, Matthew Williams
Host: Chris Fabry

October 15, 2014

Each year Moody Bible Institute features a missions conference for students. They’re exposed to things God is doing around the world through some pretty amazing people. We’re going to try and bring you some flavor of this year’s conference. Then, domestic violence: how is the church responding to this important issue and what more can be done? Don’t miss the conversations.

Featured: Oscar Muriu, Justin Holcomb
Host: Chris Fabry

October 14, 2014

Do you have doubts about the Bible? Is there a skeptic in your life who challenges your belief that the Bible is God’s Word? Dr. Darrell Bock tackles some of the most common arguments of skeptics. Then, what would you say to Brittany Maynard—the young woman with cancer who has decided to end her life? Kara Tippetts has also had a recent cancer diagnosis and has written Brittany a letter. We take your calls Tuesday. Truth in a Culture of Doubt // Advice to a Dying Woman

Featured: Darrell Bock, Kara Tippetts
Host: Chris Fabry

October 13, 2014

How do you know when it’s time to quit your job? Co-author of Rising Above a Toxic Workplace Dr. Paul White addresses when it’s time to leave your job. It’s a great question many are struggling with these days. Then, a conversation with singer and recording artist Wes King. He responded to a sermon recently in a creative way. Hear more about it Monday. When to Quit Your Job // What You Did After You Heard a Sermon

Featured: Paul White, Wes King
Host: Chris Fabry

October 10, 2014

Friday, join us for Friday Sigh. Then stick around for our conversation about life verses. If you have a life verse, we'll help you go deeper with that verse. And if you don't have one, find out how you can discover your it. Don't miss the conversation with David Edwards. Life Verse

Featured: David Edwards
Host: Chris Fabry

October 9, 2014

There's a new app that many young people are telling their deepest secrets to. It posts them online anonymously for all to hear. Guest host Melinda Schmidt talks about the draw of telling strangers things you wouldn't tell your best friend. Then, what moment has been the turning point for you to reevaluate your life? Was it having a child? Turning 30, 40, 50 or 60? Having a friend die from cancer? We want to hear from you on Thursday. [>}

Featured: Michelle Van Loon
Host: Melinda Schmidt

October 8, 2014

How do you love your neighbor as yourself? How does this impact how you love your homosexual neighbors? Glenn Stanton helps you learn how to interact with your gay or lesbian neighbors in a substantively Christ-honoring way. Then, the two Michaels are back with insights on your Bible questions. Don't miss it! Loving My LGBT Neighbor // Bible Q & A

Featured: Glenn Stanton, Michael Rydelnik, Michael Vanlaningham
Host: Chris Fabry

October 7, 2014

If you’re trying to live with less chemicals but you feel alone in the journey, don’t miss a Toxic Talk Tuesday with Chris’ toxic life coach, Andrea Fabry. Then, do you love Jesus more than you love your money? Your reputation? How about your spouse? Dr. Phil Ryken talks about loving Jesus more. It’s a dangerous concept with eternal consequences. Toxic-Free Tips: Living Healthy // Loving Jesus More

Featured: Andrea Fabry, Phil Ryken
Host: Chris Fabry

October 6, 2014

Do you have a tattoo? Sam Kee says God offers something far more permanent than ink on skin. He calls it a soul tattoo. Don’t miss the encouragement. Then, he was a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks. But through God’s providence He did some amazing things through the life of Dr. Jerry Bridges. Hear this 83-year-old story of God’s grace and mercy. Soul Tattoo // God's Providence

Featured: Sam Kee, Jerry Bridges
Host: Chris Fabry

October 3, 2014

Lindsay McCaul is touring with Jason Gray and we want you to hear her song "One More Step," which is a tribute to her war-veteran father. Then, author and speaker Jerry B. Jenkins talks about the opening of the new film adaptation of Left Behind. We talk film, prophecy, Nicolas Cage and more! Don’t miss Lindsay McCaul and Jerry Jenkins on Friday. One More Step // Left Behind

Featured: Lindsay McCaul, Jerry Jenkins
Host: Chris Fabry

October 2, 2014

Richard Ramsey had an idea for a movie—recast the life of Solomon in a contemporary story. Hear how he did that and some life lessons he learned writing The Song. Then, Joni Eareckson Tada visited the healing pool of Bethesda. Hear about the deeper healing she found and what God wants to do in your heart as well. Don’t miss the conversations. The Song // Beside Bethesda

Featured: Richard Ramsey, Joni Tada
Host: Chris Fabry

October 1, 2014

A prominent Christian leader's son gave a seminar recently on a university campus. His mission is to lead young people toward secular humanism. Why do some people, even pastors, who once embraced the faith, fall away? We discuss that with Ed Stetzer. Then Chris wants your response to a plea for compassion and forgiveness for the man who brought air traffic in Chicago to a halt. What does that look like? Leaving the Faith // Compassion and Forgiveness

Featured: Ed Stetzer
Host: Chris Fabry

September 2014
September 30, 2014

On the eve of his 90th birthday, you’re going to hear a conversation with the past president of Moody Bible Institute, Dr. George Sweeting. He is a repository of knowledge about D.L. Moody, Moody Bible Institute and some great thinkers and theologians of the past century. Don’t miss a conversation with Dr. George Sweeting. Then, Chris was cleaning out the garage and discovered an item. A little treasure or two. If you have a similar story, we want to hear it. Legacies // Unearthed Treasures

Featured: George Sweeting
Host: Chris Fabry

September 29, 2014

Dennis Jernigan has been around contemporary Christian music for decades. In a new documentary he tells the story of growing up with homosexual feelings and the deliverance he’s experienced. Then, an important question that needs to be answered. Why did God create the world? How would you answer that? Ben Stevens will join us with his own answer—one that hearkens back to a man named Jonathan Edwards. Join us Monday. Sing Over Me // Why God Created the World

Featured: Dennis Jernigan, Ben Stevens
Host: Chris Fabry

September 26, 2014

Earlier in the week, Chuck Bentley told the story of a dad whose son wanted to do something different than his father. And the dad realized he was wrong. What did you decide to do instead of choosing what your parents had laid out for you? Your parents wanted you to raise cattle or sell shoes—but you had to go a different way. Then, a conversation with Elsie Young, straight from her 102nd birthday celebration. Don’t miss Friday's Chris Fabry Live! Blazing Your Own Trail // An Elsie Update

Featured: Elsie Young
Host: Chris Fabry

September 25, 2014

Alex McLellan talks about sharing ultimate truth with ordinary people. Don’t miss the conversation. Then, in Chris Rice's song "Sometimes Love," he sings, "Sometimes love has to drive a nail into its own hand." Have you ever chosen to do something that hurt you to help someone else? Join our discussion. Sharing Truth with Those Around You // Driving a Nail into Your Own Hand

Featured: Alex McLellan
Host: Chris Fabry

September 24, 2014

Have you have ever given a book to someone that helped change their life? Or, maybe someone gave you a book that did that. Let’s talk about giving or receiving books and the difference they make. Then, we talk with the CEO of Crown, Chuck Bentley, about parents, students and college debt. He says the possibilities are endless, but your debt shouldn’t be. The Gift of a Book // Dealing with College Debt

Featured: Gabi Turcu, Chuck Bentley
Host: Chris Fabry

September 23, 2014

If terrorism has you concerned, listen to the next Chris Fabry Live! World traveler Miriam Neff has some thoughts about the opportunities that come our way when the world goes topsy-turvy. If you have unwanted change in your life, don’t miss the conversation. And then, we close the loop on the story of the Kuna language and their first Bible that was presented just last week. Opportunities in a Topsy-Turvy World // Kuna Bible Translation

Featured: Miriam Neff, Bob Creson, Les Kline
Host: Chris Fabry

September 22, 2014

Monday, John Eldredge and his son Sam talk about becoming a real man in 2014. Most guys approach manhood as a time to pursue dreams by living life "my way." But that often leads to isolation. John and Sam Eldredge present a different model of manhood. Then, Dr. Rosalie de Rosset discusses the power of poetry in a pastor's message. Don't miss the discussions Monday on Chris Fabry Live! Becoming a Man // Poetry in Preaching

Featured: John Eldredge, Sam Eldredge, Rosalie de Rosset
Host: Chris Fabry

September 19, 2014

On the anniversary of the death of Rich Mullins, hear the lost interview Chris had with him from the summer of 1995. His album Brother's Keeper had just come out. Music, stories and a memorable conversation. Then, with all the news of the NFL and domestic violence and child abuse, we want you to hear the heartbeat of a Christian College Football coach. Don't miss Mike Swider's view of faith and football and manhood. The Lost Interview with Rich Mullins // Faith, Football and Manhood

Featured: Rich Mullins, Mike Swider
Host: Chris Fabry

September 18, 2014

Dr. Tony Evans is in the studio with us on Thursday. He wants you to know about God’s Kingdom agenda. Following Jesus is not just about going to church and learning theology. It means you adopt a whole new way of seeing the world and your place in it. Then, a story of love, loss, a concentration camp, and war. Author Sigmund Brouwer describes the impact his father had on his own life. The Kingdom Agenda // Thief of Glory

Featured: Tony Evans, Sigmund Brouwer
Host: Chris Fabry