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Past Programs

December 2014
December 19, 2014

The one question that surfaces when you talk about faith in God to a skeptic and to many believers is the problem of evil. How could a good God allow sin? Why does He allow suffering in the world? Dr. Ravi Zacharias tackles that complex question. Then a conversation about Christmas surprises. When were you most surprised at Christmas? Tell your story on Friday. Why Suffering? // Christmas Surprises

Featured: Ravi Zacharias
Host: Chris Fabry

December 18, 2014

Author, speaker and world traveler Miriam Neff talks about small miracles of 2014. She’s seen a few of them this year—have you? Then, we talk with a woman who saw God work in miraculous ways through the Ebola crisis. Nancy Writebol and her husband, David, were in the news a few months ago. We talk about what happened there in Liberia and how they’ve seen God work. Small Miracles of 2014 // Surviving Ebola

Featured: Miriam Neff, David and Nancy Writebol
Host: Chris Fabry

December 17, 2014

Many people have been impacted by the loss of a loved one around Christmas. Singer and songwriter Mark Schultz shares about his new single "Different Kind of Christmas" and how a loss inspired the song. Then, author Sara Hagerty talks about tasting the goodness of God in all things, the good and the bad. Don't miss an encouraging program. Different Kind of Christmas // Every Bitter Thing is Sweet

Featured: Mark Schultz, Sara Hagerty
Host: Chris Fabry

December 16, 2014

We’re finally talking about money and Christmas. One of the real struggles is staying on-budget. If that’s a problem for you this year, don’t miss a conversation with Ruth Soukup, author of Living Well, Spending Less. Then, the two Michaels are back for a Christmas edition of answering your Bible questions. If you have questions about Jesus' birth, the Magi, the shepherds, angels or other participants in the Christmas story, join us Tuesday! Living Well, Spending Less // Bible Q & A

Featured: Ruth Soukup, Michael Rydelnik, Michael Vanlaningham
Host: Chris Fabry

December 15, 2014

Monday, Dr. Bryan Litfin talks about early Christian martyrs. Many teach that ancient Christians were nearly always killed for their faith. He says that’s not true. What really happened? Then, what is holding you back from sharing the gospel with your family, neighbors and friends? This Christmas, Dr. Rick Richardson gives some tips for sharing your faith. Early Christian Martyrs // Speaking the Story at Christmas

Featured: Bryan Litfin, Rick Richardson
Host: Chris Fabry

December 12, 2014

Friday we welcome Andrew Greer and Cindy Morgan, live in the studio for some great music and conversation. For more than two years they've been touring together, singing hymns and raising awareness and resources for hunger relief organizations around the world. Then, we talk about the life of Leonardo Matias, a Christian young man in Chicago who was a victim of a drive-by shooting earlier this week. Two men who impacted his life and were impacted by him join us. And we talk about who you've lost who has been a blessing to you with Dr. John Trent. Hymns for Hunger // A Blessing from Those We've Lost

Featured: Andrew Greer, Cindy Morgan, John Trent, Chris Cashman, Shando Valdez
Host: Chris Fabry

December 11, 2014

Ethan Butler has been writing and singing music for over 10 years, but you may know him from his recent appearance on The Voice on Team Adam. Hear where he gets his inspiration for writing, how God has been working in his life and what has happened since being on The Voice. Then, what can we learn from the life of Samson? Pastor Brad Gray gives us insights into the universal callings of those desiring to live out God's fullest design for life. The Voice // The Life of Samson

Featured: Ethan Butler, Brad Gray
Host: Chris Fabry

December 10, 2014

Christmas Eve is just two weeks away and we have an early present for you—it’s Aaron Shust! He's live with us in the studio to play songs from his new Christmas album. Then, another musical artist, Keith Getty, comes along to talk about his love of Christmas music and the powerful lyrics that tell the gospel story. He has a word to worship pastors—don’t miss Aaron Shust and Keith Getty. Unto Us // The Power of Music at Christmas

Featured: Aaron Shust, Keith Getty
Host: Chris Fabry

December 9, 2014

How do you get through the holidays when you're one of those "healthy people?" Andrea Fabry is back for a Toxic Talk Tuesday. If you've tried to choose a healthier way of eating and you're getting pushback, or if you want a normal life and your spouse has gone overboard, hear some practical suggestions. Then, a story about a difficult bridge that needs to be built and a way to get it started. Don’t miss Tuesday’s Chris Fabry Live! Toxic-Free Tips: Loving a Health Fanatic // Building a Bridge

Featured: Andrea Fabry
Host: Chris Fabry

December 8, 2014

What are your hard questions this Christmas? What are you dealing with this year that feels like it’s amplified in pain because of the holidays? We want to hear what you’re going through—then we’ll talk with Bo Stern who has some questions of her own. She’s written When Holidays Hurt: Finding Hidden Hope Amid Pain and Loss. Join us Monday for questions, stories, some answers and a lot of hope. Hard Questions at Christmas // When Holidays Hurt

Featured: Bo Stern
Host: Chris Fabry

December 5, 2014

If your church decided NOT to have Sunday services this year because Christmas falls on Thursday, how would you react? Our correspondent to the pastorate, Dr. John Koessler, joins us. Then, Steve Hewitt described a situation on the program Thursday and said, "We’re not spending on each other this Christmas." Have you ever decided to forego presents for someone else? Christmas Expectations of Pastors // Foregoing Christmas Presents

Featured: John Koessler
Host: Chris Fabry

December 4, 2014

Holly was a young wife waiting for her husband to return from scouting a good canoe route. When he didn’t make it back, she and her sister began to pray. Hear a true story of loss and devastation that led to a discovery about the nature of God. Then, Steve Hewitt is back to talk all things computer, tablet, smart phone—and a personal prayer request we’ll hear from him. Don’t miss Thursday’s Chris Fabry Live! Dancing on My Ashes // Technology Q & A: Christmas Tech

Featured: Holly Snell, Steve Hewitt
Host: Chris Fabry

December 3, 2014

She was sexually abused as a child and at 17 she realized she was a lesbian. Drug addiction and a pornography addiction finally led her to the cross of Christ. Hear the story and poetry of Jackie Hill Perry. Then, help a friend of Chris' who's been invited to a company Christmas party. She’s a believer who feels torn. Don’t miss Wednesday's conversation. A Transformed Life // The Company Christmas Party

Featured: Jackie Hill Perry
Host: Chris Fabry

December 2, 2014

If you know someone who’s facing Alzheimer’s, don’t miss Tuesday’s program. Dr. Benjamin Mast says there is power in the gospel for those suffering from this disease. Then, singer, songwriter, recording artist and author Michael Card returns. Michael has worked on racial reconciliation through the years—Chris wants to talk about his response to Ferguson, what Jesus would say and do in that situation and more. Alzheimer's Disease // Racial Reconciliation

Featured: Benjamin Mast, Michael Card
Host: Chris Fabry

December 1, 2014

The grace of God is our topic Monday. But Philip Yancey contends that grace is in short supply in today’s church. Many have negative reactions to Christianity and the church. Don’t miss the conversation. And then, Chris wants you to prove Philip Yancey wrong. Tell us how you have experienced God’s grace in the context of church and other believers. Vanishing Grace // Experiencing God's Grace

Featured: Philip Yancey
Host: Chris Fabry

November 2014
November 28, 2014

Friday, get some encouragement from writers of great hymns. Let the words and the theology wash over your soul—don’t miss the program. Then, how do you avoid becoming the angry Christian at Christmas? Do you praise God by boycotting stores? Don't miss an encore presentation of this enlightening and helpful conversation. Great Hymns // Holiday Christians

Host: Chris Fabry

November 27, 2014

Share your thoughts on giving thanks in everything. We hear a few excerpts from Gary Chapman and Erwin Lutzer and you in a special Thanksgiving Day program. Then, the forgotten people at Thanksgiving. We know about the settlers, the pilgrims, but what happened to those indigenous people—the Native Americans. Ron Hutchcraft and Derrick Marks join us. In Everything Give Thanks // A Reason for Thanksgiving

Featured: Gary Chapman, Erwin Lutzer, Ron Hutchcraft, Derrick Marks
Host: Chris Fabry

November 26, 2014

If your life is going at breakneck speed, if you need to slow down a little, if you need a little encouragement, don’t miss Wednesday’s program. Stanton Lanier joins us in the studio. His music will refresh and inspire, and we’ll read Scripture together. Then, we spend an hour discussing things you’re thankful that DIDN’T happen in your life, something you wanted desperately for God to say yes to, but His “no” is reason for thanks. Whether you're listening in the car on your way to your Thanksgiving destination or listening at work, join us! Open Spaces // Thankful for What Didn't Happen

Featured: Stanton Lanier
Host: Chris Fabry

November 25, 2014

With the events of last night in Ferguson, Missouri, we talk with listeners and guests who will comment and pray about the violence and other issues facing this city and our country. We pray for families in the middle of the strife, police officers called to duty, pastors who are concerned about their congregations and more. Don’t miss a special broadcast of Prayer for Ferguson. Pray for Ferguson

Featured: Roy Patterson, Kim Cash Tate, Donna Leland, Mary, Steve Thompson, L. O. Jones, John Fuder, Bryan Loritts
Host: Chris Fabry

November 24, 2014

What really happened at the first Thanksgiving? Was it a harvest feast—or a worship service? Or something in between? Author and historian Tracy McKenzie helps us sift through the current trend to write out any spiritual connection with the holiday. Then, professor of pastoral studies at Moody Bible Institute Dr. Winfred Neely helps us understand the tension in Ferguson, Missouri. The First Thanksgiving // Ferguson, Missouri

Featured: Tracy McKenzie, Winfred Neely
Host: Chris Fabry

November 21, 2014

Friday, our correspondent to the pastorate, Dr. John Koessler, deals with leaving your church. But we get more specific. What if you and your spouse disagree about leaving? Or maybe you’re in a marriage where you go to one church and your spouse goes to another. Don’t miss the conversation. Then, a comparison of Christianity and Islam with Samya Johnson. The Bible vs. the Quran on Friday. When to Leave Your Church // The Bible vs. the Quran

Featured: John Koessler, Mike and Samya Johnson
Host: Chris Fabry

November 20, 2014

In this corner, Calvinism. In that corner, Arminianism. The Sovereignty of God vs. man’s Free Will. Thursday, it’s a cage match between these two competing theological ideas, and we are joined by theologian and best-selling author, Randy Alcorn. Then Kate McCord has a fascinating story of God’s love and redemption in the midst of the war-torn country of Afghanistan. God's Sovereignty and Human Choice // Farewell, Four Waters

Featured: Randy Alcorn, Kate McCord
Host: Chris Fabry

November 19, 2014

It’s a work-change Wednesday! Chris has a story about a man who made millions in the NFL. He’s in a VERY different field now. Have you had a drastic work change that you chose? Then, a story that comes from a real-life situation at a college where a professor criticized a student for wearing something. Share your reaction to what the student wrote. Work-Change Wednesday // Criticism for What One Wears

Host: Chris Fabry

November 18, 2014

Andrea Fabry is back for another Toxic Talk Tuesday. She offers some Christmas gift ideas for the healthy living enthusiast, things like a Himalayan salt plate, Tiger Nuts and charcoal sticks. Then, what do you really long for? Dream about? Hunger after? Pastor Matt Heard says instead of living, we exist. We get into a daily routine and get stuck. Matt says you don’t have to settle for that. We talk about Life with a Capital L. Toxic-Free Tips: Christmas Gifts // Life with a Capital L

Featured: Andrea Fabry, Matt Heard
Host: Chris Fabry

November 17, 2014

Bob Welch takes us through Les Misérables, extracting spiritual reflections from this enduring portrait of poverty, social injustice, mercy and redemption. Then, most of our lives is spent in work, play, or love. Mark Shaw paints us a vivid picture of human flourishing, where a convergence of work, play and love brings delight in life. Don't miss the conversations as we kick off a great week of programs. Lessons from Les Misérables // Work, Play, Love

Featured: Bob Welch, Mark Shaw
Host: Chris Fabry

November 14, 2014

Chris' daughter came to him recently and said, “Dad…there’s this guy….” Michelle Watson has written a guide for connecting with your daughter’s heart. What is Chris' role as a dad with all the fears and angst with his last little girl going out into the world? Then, an anniversary, a question, and a couple of observations round out the week—don’t miss Friday’s program. Connecting with Your Daughter's Heart // Ending the Week Right

Featured: Michelle Watson
Host: Chris Fabry

November 13, 2014

With the fears of the Ebola virus subsiding in America, you would think the last place on earth anyone would want to travel would be to Liberia, West Africa. Why are Travis and Gina Sheets packed and ready to go back to Liberia? Find out Thursday. Then, Lacey grew up in a life of physical abuse, drug use, suicide attempts and more. She wanted to know "Why am I here? Why should I go on living?" Hear Lacey Sturm's story about the reason she is still here. Ministry in Liberia // The Reason

Featured: Travis and Gina Sheets, Lacey Sturm
Host: Chris Fabry

November 12, 2014

“We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” What are the advantages of serving God with your earthen vessel and His power? Don’t miss the encouragement with Miriam Neff! Then, Laura Petherbridge is back to talk about the upcoming holidays and YOUR stepfamily. Mom, dad, kids, grandparents—we tackle it all and take your questions. Jars of Clay // Holidays and Stepfamilies

Featured: Miriam Neff, Laura Petherbridge
Host: Chris Fabry

November 11, 2014

Those boys of the Bible, the men from Moody, they put the chat in eschatology--Dr. Michael Rydelnik and Dr. Michael Vanlaningham are back for your biblical conundrums, questions and concerns. Then, to honor veterans, hear the voice of Louis Zamperini—the subject of the book Unbroken. David Rensin wrote with Louis and knew him well. And we’d love to hear your lessons from a veteran on Tuesday. Bible Q & A // Lessons from a Veteran

Featured: Michael Rydelnik, Michael Vanlaningham, Louis Zamperini, David Rensin
Host: Chris Fabry

November 10, 2014

The church where Jon serves throws a party every year. They play music and they dance and they call it Jesus Prom. And Jon says you and I can catch that same vision—to love the people God loves in extravagant ways. Then, singer, songwriter and award-winning artist Ginny Owens joins us to talk about her life, her music, and what’s on her heart. Don’t miss Monday’s Chris Fabry Live! Jesus Prom // I Know a Secret

Featured: Jon Weece, Ginny Owens
Host: Chris Fabry