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2013 Past Programs

January 2014
January 15, 2014

Correspondent to the pastorate Dr. John Koessler joins us to talk about the issue of branding a church. Dr. Koessler believes this could be dangerous for your congregation. Then, John Walsh believes you have a story to tell and he wants to help you present that story, message, talk in such a way that it holds the audience. If you have a speaking assignment coming up, don’t miss the program. Church Branding // The Art of Storytelling

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, John Koessler, John Walsh
Host: Chris Fabry

January 14, 2014

It’s a Toxic Talk Tuesday and Andrea Fabry is back. If you’re hoping to make some healthy changes, wondering how to make them without breaking your budget or your sanity, join us for ways to make 2014 a more natural year. Then, Matthew Cork was a pastor at a comfortable corner church when he encountered some untouchable people. Find out more about making a change for good. Toxic-Free Tips: Baby Steps // Making a Change for Good

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, Andrea Fabry, Matthew Cork, Dalaina May
Host: Chris Fabry

January 13, 2014

We all are craving something. Deep down we want lasting hope and joy and fulfillment. But many people are stuck. Like Ruthie Delk. She knew a lot about God. She believed God knew every hair on her head. But she still felt like a spiritual orphan. If you’re stuck, if you’re craving something and you can’t put your finger on what it is, don’t miss our program. Then, I want to hear what truth, teaching, or application you took away from church this past weekend. What did you learn and what are you going to do with that knowledge? Join us Monday. Craving Grace // Weekend Gleanings

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, Ruthie Delk
Host: Chris Fabry

January 10, 2014

One of the New Year’s resolutions people have is to read and understand the Bible. Enter pastor and author of Godonomics Chad Hovind. He’s come up with an 8-session study that will give you the big picture from Genesis to Revelation. Then, are churches and ministries skewing toward younger leaders in order to attract younger people? And if so, is there a danger in that? Don’t miss Friday’s program. Understanding the Bible // The Issue of Age in Modern Worship

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, Chad Hovind, Manuel Luz
Host: Chris Fabry

January 9, 2014

If you've been impacted by the polar vortex in the past week—and even if you haven't—don't miss Thursday's program. We've got a great topic for you! Polar Vortex Praise // Light into the Darkness Reponse

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest
Host: Chris Fabry

January 8, 2014

Emily took her son Max to see a movie. And the way they were treated is our subject on Wednesday. Emily Colson is the author of Dancing with Max. You need to hear this story. Then, it’s the story of the greatest community the world has known and the greatest movement in world history. Dr. John Woodbridge talks about the Church from pre-Reformation to the present day. Light into the Darkness // Church History

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, Emily Colson, John Woodbridge
Host: Chris Fabry

January 7, 2014

Where is God when we suffer? At some point in our lives, all of us will face challenges to our faith—and this question never seems to go away. Author Philip Yancey joins us. Then, Steve Hewitt is back to answer your questions about computers, tablets, smartphones and more! If you received a new gadget for Christmas and have questions, this is your opportunity to ask questions. The Question that Never Goes Away // Technology Q & A

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, Philip Yancey, Steve Hewitt
Host: Chris Fabry

January 6, 2014

Chip Ingram has a way of saying things, a way of getting us to think about truth. We talk about a concept that is so simple, but it will work for you in prioritizing the way you live your life. It’s a “Best of” broadcast featuring one little four-letter word to boil down how to live your life simply—love. Plus hear how this word can be practically lived out in your life. Spiritual Simplicity: The Concept // Spiritual Simplicity: The Practice

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, Chip Ingram
Host: Chris Fabry

January 3, 2014

Friday is not only the first Friday Sigh of the New Year, but it’s a conversation with author and expert on the persecuted church, Nik Ripken. Hear about Nik’s book, The Insanity of Obedience, and the bold challenge he has for all of us to global discipleship. He says as we carry this message we need to expect persecution. Then, we hear about the life-changing, soul-stirring moments of Christian radio in your life, especially at the backyard fence. What did you hear and how did it affect you? Share your story with us. The Insanity of Obedience // Backyard Fence Favorites

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, Nik Ripken
Host: Chris Fabry

January 2, 2014

The presents are all gone, the New Year has been welcomed, and you’re wondering why you have this terrible feeling of grief. Steve Siler has a ministry of comfort and hope and encouragement through music and his latest project with Music for the Soul is helping those journeying through grief. Then, when you remember someone who has died and it ambushes you. Don’t miss Thursday’s Chris Fabry Live! A Musical Journey Through Grief //The Ambush

Featured: Cover to Cover Contest, Steve Siler
Host: Chris Fabry

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! This is your invitation for the first program of 2014 on Chris Fabry Live! And what better subject to deal with than a love story. It’s the tale of a young girl who is permanently injured who meets a young man with a kind heart. Ken and Joni Tada join us for a "Best of" broadcast to talk about their marriage, their mission, and their ministry. Don’t miss Joni and Ken Tada, then, stay for American Airlines pilot Steve Scheibner. Twelve years ago he was ready to fly out of Boston, but a last minute switch meant he was bumped from Flight 11 on 9/11. Hear Steve’s story on Wednesday. A Love Story // In My Seat

Featured: Ken and Joni Tada, Steve Scheibner
Host: Chris Fabry