Moody Radio History

Moody Bible Institute sponsored radio station WMBI—the oldest non-commercial Christian radio station in the country—was launched. Moody Radio Live Program BroadcastWMBI was just the beginning of what would come to be known as the Moody Broadcasting Network (MBN).

WMBI syndicated several programs by mailing them out on 16-inch, two-sided transcription platters—each of which could hold only 30 minutes of programming (15 minutes per side). The ‘50s brought reel-to-reel tapes which would be replaced by cassettes some 30 years later.

MBI purchased WCRF in Cleveland, Ohio and shortly thereafter, WDLM in Moline, Illi. These purchases were the catalyst for a network that would grow to include 35 stations in the continental U.S.

MBN became the first full-service Christian satellite service providing 24-hour programming Moody Radio Satellite Towersto its owned and operated stations. The network also began developing affiliate relationships with radio stations across America.

MBN celebrated their 25th anniversary. Today, the network’s potential audience has increased to well over 30 million people and more than one million listeners each week.

In the future, Moody Radio plans to move in the direction of HD Radio for their owned and operated stations. Moody Radio has developed additional channels and Internet audio channels including a Moody Conference Channel, Majesty Radio and a Praise & Worship Channel for the purpose of HD Radio.