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For more than 80 years, Moody Radio has relied on friends like you who partner with us in our mission to fill the airwaves with the truth of God’s Word. Your support allows us to encourage over one million listeners all over the country to take the next step in their relationship with Christ. There are many different ways to support Moody Radio.

Give Now

For those who want to make an immediate contribution or want to set up a recurring gift at times outside of our Share event season (see Share below), Moody Radio offers the convenient option to give a gift via debit or credit card on our secure website. 

Give Monthly

Moody Radio's convenient Monthly Partner program allows participants to make recurring gifts by credit card or checking account. Throughout the year, our Monthly Partners receive offers for valuable ministry resources from Moody Radio.


Two thirds of our operating budget comes from commitments that faithful listeners like you make during our annual Share event. You can make or fulfill a Share commitment now on your local station Share website.

Planned Giving

Moody’s Planned Giving program can help you set up a plan for organizing your estate with a will or a trust providing for you and your family through a variety of tax-saving options.

Community Partners

Listeners in the business community may elect to become part of the Community Partners program. This select group of Christ-minded business owners enjoy the benefits of partnering with Moody Radio while reaching a diverse, Christian audience.