Election Coverage

Election Night Coverage from Moody Radio

Live coverage of Election Night 2012 was provided by Moody Radio on Tuesday, Nov. 6 beginning at 7 p.m. CT. Veteran broadcaster Wayne Shepherd served as the main host of the evening. The Moody Radio team provided news coverage, commentary and analysis from a variety of guest voices and perspectives designed to provide a unique insight for Christians. See below for an audio archive of commentary from our guests.

Audio Archive

Amy Black clip Amy Black, professor of political science at Wheaton College, talks about the pressure on the office of the President and the function of Congress.
David Zanotti clip 1 David Zanotti, speaker on the public square and founder of the American Policy Roundtable, talks about the various surveys and polls and how the media presents it.
David Zanotti clip 2 David Zanotti explains how the United States is affected by the two-party system.
Erwin Lutzer clip 1 Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor of The Moody Church, answers a question about how believers should stand out.
Erwin Lutzer clip 2 Dr. Erwin Lutzer talks about what believers should do now that the election is behind us.
Erwin Lutzer clip 3 Dr. Erwin Lutzer offers a prayer of thanksgiving for the election.
Janet Parshall clip 1 Janet Parshall speaks about her observations during her extended time in Washington, D.C.
Janet Parshall clip 2 Janet Parshall notes the majority standings in the House and the Senate, and how we as believers need to be praying for these leaders who represent us in Washington.
Janet Parshall clip 3 Janet Parshall shares some words of encouragement from God’s Word, regardless of who you voted for, regardless of who won the election.
Mark Gonzales clip Mark Gonzales, pastor of Harvest Time Church in Texas, talks about how he prays on election night.
Richard Mouw clip Dr. Richard Mouw talks about how we as Americans, though we may be divided, can show compassion to each other in this heated season.
Tony Evans clip 1 Dr. Tony Evans addresses our party affiliations and how we handle them as believers.
Tony Evans clip 2 Dr. Tony Evans addresses what the elected president may be facing in the areas of social issues and social justice.
Tony Evans clip 3 Dr. Tony Evans speaks about how the government affects Christian ministries.
Tony Evans clip 4 Dr. Tony Evans speaks on the issue of marriage values as a hot topic in the election.