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    January 13, 2017

    The Great Worship Debate

    Virtually everybody agrees that worship is an essential part of a church service. But how much musical talent should be displayed while praising God? Are guitar and sax solos ever appropriate? Brian and Kathleen disagree on this, and so do many listeners. Eavesdrop on their debate in this week’s episode. And don’t worry, they’re still friends when it’s over.

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Brian Dahlen

Brian Dahlen taught history at a public high school near Minneapolis, where he was co-host and producer of a weekly radio program. After teaching six years and graduating with a master's degree in education, Brian joined Moody Radio in Chicago. While working as a radio host, producer, and co-host of a weekly podcast, Brian also served as adjunct professor of communications at Moody Bible Institute. Brian lives with his wife and five children in Broadview Heights, Ohio.

Kathleen Zion

Kathleen Zion grew up in Cleveland and has been active in theatre and media for more than fifteen years. After graduating from Wright State with a fine arts degree, Kathleen moved to Chicago to study improvisation and comedy at the Second City Conservatory program. While in Chicago Kathleen also studied in a creative writing program and worked with a variety of sketch comedy groups. Kathleen married Nathan Zion on November 21, 2015.

Brian and Kathleen Podcast

Brian and Kathleen are posing questions worth asking in their own quirky style. It’s faith-based. Straight-forward. Funnier than we might expect.